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Alex Sanchez Free on Bail

January 25, 2010

We are happy to report that after 7 months of unjust incarceration, Alex has finally been released on bail. After the Ninth Circuit ordered a reopening of the bail hearing by Judge Real, the court found that Alex is neither a flight risk or a danger to the community. We are hopeful that his release on bail marks the beginning of a fair trial in which Alex will have the opportunity to clear his name so that he can continue to do the work he so loves as a truly free man without any restrictions. We are aware that in some ways this is just the beginning. But it is a more hopeful start and we have gotten here together. The values that bind us, our belief in peace, justice and organizing for change in the tradition of peacemakers before us – have gotten us this far. Our community of supporters, friends, family, organizers and people from all walks of life have made a great impact over the past 7 months.  We thank you and are honored to walk with you in support of our brother Alex and we continue to be inspired by our collective vision for a world that is more peaceful and just. Stay tuned.

In peace & justice
We Are Alex (

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