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Solidarity Statements from The Anarchist Black Cross Federation’s Annual Running Down the Walls 2009

November 10, 2009

MOVE Political Prisoner Phil Africa

My revolutionary best to all at ABCF and all those involved in the work of true revolution! Much respect to all those active in the serious work needed to gain the release of all PP/POWs! I truly hope all are strong and on THE MOVE in the work needed to completely eliminate this rotten reform world system that imposes its destructive ways on ALL LIFE.

As always I’m sure that RDTW will again be the great success it has been in the past. I speak for THE MOVE ORGANIZATION in saying that we are in solidarity with this event and all those who support it. Just heard the news of this system’s continued attack on Leonard Peltier. Everyone should be up in arms about the vulgarity of the 15-year hit given Leonard by the parole board! Like with the SF8, this system’s hatred for those with the courage to stand against it in defense of what’s right, is historical.

Run-a-way slaves were hunted down for daring to be in the free as GOD MAMMA NATURE intends ALL LIFE to be. The Native Peoples were slaughtered for daring to hold to their right to live and the land MOTHER NATURE made them caretakers of!

31 years later THE MOVE 9 are still being held hostage by this system for daring to survive this system’s attempt to murder us on August 8, 1978 and the list goes on and on. For those of you running for justice for all, I truly hope that your footsteps are heard around the world and shakes the brittle bones of all oppressors! Let each foot step, each voice heard, be a strong statement to this system, that no one it has and is still doing an injustice to, will ever be forgotten! Let each foot step be a demand to this system to release Chip Fitzgerald, Herman Bell, Sundiata Acoli, Mumia Abu Jamal, Hugo Pinell, Robert Seth Hayes, David Gilbert, Marilyn Buck, The MOVE 9, Veronza Bowers, the Cuban 5, and the unending list of others, too many to name at this time, but are not forgotten just because their names were not mentioned.

Those who have been unjustly denied their release from these hell holes for way far too long, Let the run ring loud to this system, that these folk of strong committed reflections of justice and freedom are not and will never be forgotten and that their release is being demanded!

Let every foot step remind this system that all of those who have given their lives to this struggle are forever loved by us all! That they are, as all good soldiers of this revolution, missed but never forgotten! Let everyone feel their strong dedicated spirits flow through your hearts and souls with every step and fill you with the strength and motivation to carry on this struggle until the battle for justice and freedom for ALL is won and a reality for ALL! To quote JOHN AFRICA “SOLIDARITY IS UNITY. WITHOUT UNITY YOU CAN’T HAVE REVOLUTION.” LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! Let us always find that common ground to work in harmony, work in solidarity in and in unity help build that better world for all.

Again my love and solidarity to ALL! Take care, stay strong and keep ON THE MOVE.

William Phillips Africa #AM-4984
Follies Road, Drawer K
SCI Dallas
Dallas, PA 18612

New Afrikan Political Prisoner Sekou Cinque Kambui

Dear friends, comrades in struggle:

As a political prisoner held hostage for over forty years now by the slave manufacturing state of Alabama. Your sacrifice and diligent efforts in solidarity and support of political prisoners and prisoners of war is deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Your missive advising us in the Social Consciousness Development Group (SCDG) about Running Down the Walls event that you have organized arrived safely. All concerned are in solidarity with you and though incarcerated we will be Running Down the Walls with you here at station C.F. under the organization of SCDG Chairman Sekou Kambui.

We feel that to run with you, even removed as we are from the forerunners outside, we are demonstrating our solidarity and support of the principles by which you were guided and motivated to organize RDTW on behalf of PP/POWs.

September 6th is the birthday of Sekou Kambui, the chairman of SCDG, and so he is proud to be able to give a celebration in dedication to his fellow PP and Virgo Leonard Peltier whose birth month he shares. We, in SCDG are also fighters for social justice and a part of the “International Prisoner’s Human Rights Liberation Struggle” movement.

Stay strong! Keep the struggle alive and the faith in the righteousness of the cause you have embraced in the forefront of your endeavors.

Sekou Kambui (W. Turk) #113058
P.O. Box 56 SCC (B1-21)
Elmore, AL 36025-0056

MOVE Political Prisoner Janine Africa

I love yall’s Running Down The Walls event! It’s a good way to bring people together and focus on the cause. I know it will make Leonard Peltier feel good, and it will make all of us political prisoners feel good to see the support and care y’all have for us, THANK YOU!

We are still strong, we’re still committed to this revolution and we’re still innocent! This is why it’s so important for people to show their support in any way they can, no matter how small it may seem because there is no justice in this system. They got one set of laws for the rich and another for the rest of us. The power is in the people though, people just need to realize this.

Thanks again for y’all’s dedication to the fight for justice! ON THE MOVE!

Janine Phillips Africa #00-6309
451 Fullerton Ave.
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

Social Prisoner Sebu Kessa Saa Tabansi

Anarchist salutations and revolutionary greetings!

Comrades, I am unable to run except for in segregation, but there is NO exercise yard on September 12th 2009. However I will pace the cell in circles to be there in spirit!

My words: For you all, the struggle is a continuum, “Unified we stand and divided we fail.”

My knowledge: “A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step.”

My encouragement: “Never quit; run free or die”

My solidarity: “Struggle! Free all political prisoners and prisoners of war!”

Sebu Kessa Saa Tabansi (A. Pew)
#BT – 7263 / Box A
Bellefonte, PA 16823-0820

Indigenous Political Prisoner Oso Blanco de Aztlan

Brothers and Sisters,

Yes, run down the walls! Everyday I pray for revolution and freedom. But this is no small matter. The Animals-Earth Mother-Natives and all peoples need a break to cleanse from this destructive civilization. So for eight years I’ve been praying for the economy to crash. Let he who can survive in nature survive. Let he who knows only the artificial world return to the spirit.

No occupation of Aztlan! No prisons – No research labs!
No Reservations – No zoos! Free Leonard Peltier!
Free Tom Manning! Free Veronza Bowers!

Oso Blanco de Aztlan (Byron Shane Chubbuck)
# 07909051
USP Lewisburg
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Anti-Authoritarian Political Prisoner Bill Dunne

Salutations and felicitations to all the comrades participating in Running Down the Walls 2009! This year, September 12th is a particularly meaningful day to let the peoples’ feet shake the apparatus of oppression. It is Leonard Peltier’s birthday; he is a strong comrade in the struggle for the most equitable social reality in which all people will have the greatest possible freedom to attain their full human potential. He has never wavered despite being among the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. gulag archipelago and this year he was attacked by the federal parole commission, that agency of repression inflicted yet another 15 year hit on Leonard for no other reason than that he is such a strong comrade, a powerful symbol. So let us vote with our feet! Vote for freedom for Leonard! Vote for freedom for all political prisoners! Vote against oppression! My vote may be cast in relative isolation but I will feel the walls trembling to the cadence of our collective foot falls.

Bill Dunne #10916-086
P.O. Box 2068
USP Big Sandy
Inez, KY 41224

Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner Jaan Laaman

I want to send a big shout out to everyone Running Down the Walls today – Saturday, September 12th, 2009. This is Jaan Laaman and I’m speaking to you from inside the u.s. penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. Yes, I myself and a multinational group of solid prisoners will be Running Down the Walls, behind these walls in the Sonoran desert with all of you this Saturday morning.

I’m very pleased to hear we have 12 outside runs, taking place from Los Angeles to Boston and places in between, and we have some runs in other countries too. I also know we have a lot of runs going on inside prisons from coast to coast as well.

I want to send out a salute to all my ABC Federation folks and all the people running with them. And I want to send a salute out to all my Jericho people and all the runners rolling with them. I want to salute every person and all the groups who are running today. While long miles and high walls separate us, today we run as one large collective, growing in numbers, understanding and solidarity in support of political prisoners and ALL prisoners in our struggles for justice and survival.

We are young and old, women and men, many nationalities, running in prison yards and city parks and streets. All of us should take added strength and commitment from this solidarity as we sweat out one more lap and one more mile in our run today. I’m sure we all are looking forward to hearing reports on how the various runs went.

Today also happens to be our long held Native political prisoner brother, Leonard Peltier’s birthday. Leonard has been in prison for 33 years and he just got a 15 year hit from the parole board —You are in our thoughts bro – we are running for you and for ALL of us. So enough talk, lets get to sweating and running down these walls —

Running for Justice –
Running for Human Dignity and Rights –

Jaan K. Laaman 10372-016
P.O. Box 24550
USP Tucson
Tucson, AZ 85734

Politically Conscious Prisoner Akili Castlin

Short Corridor Few Solidarity Statement to Running Down the Walls participants and sponsors

Revolutionary greetings,

Friends, we send our deepest gratitude, love and support to you all there, who’ve gathered on all of our behalf.

Please know, we are one in “running down the walls” – whether here within the kamps such as Pelican Bay’s newly implemented, illegal and highly secret section of its infamous draconian sensory deprivation chamber, the Security Housing Unit (SHU) – or there within the less visible walls of a parasitic capitalist social system.

This year’s run is especially important due to the unprecedented changes taking place within the hearts and minds of average everyday citizens.

As we lace-up our tennis shoes and prepare to run down these walls, know every step of these five miles, every breath we expend is done in solidarity with one another and all victims of imperialism in all its hideous terms. With every mile, we grow closer in mind and spirit to each other and the reality of an anti-authoritarian, egalitarian, free society. Together we run down the walls of gender-bias, hierarchy, racism, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, homelessness, hatred and lack, in all the forms capitalism has implemented it.

We, the short corridor few, are a class of prisoners being held in California’s ultra-secret and torturous section of the SHU, which further restricts our communications, movement and associations. This tactic appears to be modeled on the federal prisons’ “Communications Management Units.” We have been classified without due process of any kind as “threats to the internal safety and security” of the prison industrial complex and subjected without court hearing or justification to extraordinary communication and sensory restrictions. All this, for no other reason than our political beliefs, ideologies and willingness to do more than talk.

We will be running the five miles with you all there. The yard in which we are able to run is 26 x 10 feet with 20 foot high walls and security cameras. Its perimeter is about 72 feet or 24 yards. Each of us will be running 315 or more laps individually within this cold gray cage where even sunlight dies. We’re allowed 90 minutes on the yard, one man at a time, so we will be running throughout the day on Saturday September 12, 2009.

Again, we send our deepest gratitude, love and loyalty. Please check out, issue 13, or for insight and commentary on CMU prisons at the federal level. As both federal and state prisons now share techniques under the Dept. of Homeland Security, we can expect more of the same in our state institutions.

For a more in depth discussion on the state system, or to find out more about the state system, I can be written to at

Akili Castlin J-99402
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532

Former Political Prisoner Kazi Toure

We wish everyone a good run on the 12th and we will be running a little bit before you…time difference…may our run and spirit beat down the path that you follow…peace out.

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