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Vernal Equinox 2009

August 10, 2009


Sam Cooke once sang

“It’s been a long time coming
Bu I know a change is gonna come”

the journey through this night has been long and dark,
but the forces of darkness are receding,
a tipping point has been reached
there is light on the horizon
a righteous path ahead visible once again

yet the long night is not yet over,
still pretty dark and gray
things are cracked and broken… in disarray
on one side, astoundingly even now,
are those who hatefully appeal to our worst
and advocate a Rush to failure

on the other sings Leonard Cohen
“there’s a crack in everything
that’s how the light gets in”

as the hour of the wolf passes
and light begins to get in…
we can see, we children of the light
we children of the sun
of the stars,
we can see we truly are every… living… thing,
we children
on this beautiful blue marble whipping around the sun
light feeding our vision, our understanding,
our compassion, our growth… and our love

at this auspicious and challenging time
may we recognize ourselves once again
in each other… in everything, and see
that we truly are one and bring the light,
or as the Buddha said, “make of yourself a light,”

and so as the sun returns,
may we be part of the turning
may the light wrap its loving arms around us
maybe we begin once again,
albeit with a long hard road ahead
as the smoke clears in this hope-filled rooms

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