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An Update from Jaan Laaman

August 10, 2009

As I stated in the issue intro, I am now back in the federal BOP system, after finishing a Mass state sentence. Last winter I began an on and after 53 year federal sentence and I am now in a u.s. penitentiary in the middle of the Sonoran desert in Arizona, far from any place, kind of like being in a hot Siberia. There have been many changes in the BOP in the 9 years I have been out of this system, and mostly all for the bad I’d say, including in this pen, which is pretty strange. The struggle goes on though, no matter what prison we are in.

Recently I began doing radio commentaries again, from here in Tucson. Some internet and air wave stations carry them, and they are also available at a blog site: Any stations or sites interested in using them regularly can have each new commentary (one or two a month) emailed to them as soon as they are produced. Just contact me or the blog site.

Unlike Walpole, the Mass state prison I was in last year, here in the feds I can’t receive any mail from other prisons, so prisoners should direct all their letters to the 4SM P.O. box, not to me. Many fed prisons, this penitentiary included, now allow prisoners to have email. It is great to have a little 21st century communication, but it is a restricted system. You have to be pre-approved before you can send or receive an email from a prisoner. This means you have to send a letter to the prisoner and get all the information about how to get on his/her approved email contact list.

The email address for 4SM in my name is still operational, but I do not directly get these messages, it is not my prison email address. If you want direct email contact with me, write to me.


Jaan Laaman
u.s. penitentiary
P.O. Box 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734

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