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Update on Marie Mason

May 10, 2009

Lifelong community organizer and mother of two Marie Mason was arrested last March by a small army of FBI, Homeland Security, and local police. Marie was arrested for a laundry list of Earth Liberation Front acts some dating back over a decade. Her arrest was prompted by what we now know was her ex husband turning paid FBI informant, Frank “The Fink” Ambrose. She has since been remanded into custody pending sentencing which is scheduled for Feb. 5, 2009.

As a friend of Marie’s and as part of her support Crew I was someone who was involved throughout her plea negotiations. I can honestly say Marie’s only concern during her plea negotiations was that she maintain her integrity and not jeopardize another human being in her own interactions with the state. She repeatedly refused plea agreements that required her to provide info on others in exchange for lesser time.

In late summer the US attorney offered a plea that would name her informant ex husband by name only and would provide no new information that Frank had not already provided and Frank had already plead guilty to. The US attorney made it clear this was the final offer on the table and that if Marie risked trial she would get life in prison as opposed to the 15-20 year recommendation in the plea. This plea required no interviews or debriefings outside of what was normally required to account for one’s own actions in a guilty plea. In the spirit of non cooperation Marie accounted only for her own actions and provided no information to assist the state in any ongoing investigation. Much to the frustration of the FBI and US attorney’s office her non cooperation is mentioned numerous times in court documents.

After her arrest Marie consulted with many close friends within the environmental, anarchist, and political prisoner support movements and after lengthy discussion and debate we all agreed that facing life to defend a snitch who has already sold his soul and everyone he ever knew was ridiculous. As long as no new info or names other than her informant ex husband were named we would stand behind Marie and the plea and work to explain the situational details to the rest of the movement. A sign on statement of support accurately explaining the situation was written up by a friend at and distributed widely.

In an attempt to further paint property destruction as terrorism the US Attorney scheduled Marie’s change of plea for Sept. 11.

Since pleading guilty and being remanded the state has continued its attempt to break Marie and get her to provide info on others by constantly harassing her in county jail and targeting her family. Recently Marie’s cell was raided and all her personal belongings were stolen, including sensitive legal documents she was working on for sentencing. Under what we assume was the direction of the FBI, agents of the Cincinnati Intelligence Unit followed and harassed Marie’s teenage daughter while she was on her way to school. FBI agents have raided her 72 old mothers house numerous times since Marie’s arrest trashing her home and threating her mother. The FBI had Marie’s son arrested (who was in town for the holidays) while visiting Marie at the jail on Dec. 28 for and act that supposedly took place years ago for allegedly being in a car while Frank stopped to do an act of minor property destruction. Marie’s son was booked and charged with several misdemeanors and was restricted to a state he has not lived in years. Marie’s sons arrest was prompted by info her ex husband Frank “The Fink” provided against his own step son.

The state has also attempted to isolate Marie from her supporters by threatening, following, and harassing members of her support group to no end. In the latest in a long line of harassment, Marie was transferred from Clinton County Jail to another County jail where she was told she would be going before a Grand Jury.

The State is doing everything it can to not only punish Marie for her acts but for standing strong to her principles. It is now our turn as individuals and a movement to stand strong with Marie. A letter of support is one of the most important things you can do right now to support Marie. Marie appreciates letters from the outside. She enjoys hearing about the change others are attempting to bring about and the work they are doing. Letters from the outside are one of the few rays of hope while she is locked down. Do not attempt to discuss her case or the Green Scare in any way with her. Money for her mushrooming legal, commissary, family travel and collect call bills is also needed. If you are able to financially contribute please consider it.

To write Marie, donate or for the latest updates please see

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