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Update: Ali Khalid Abdullah

May 10, 2009

My name is Ali Khalid Abdullah and I was released from prison on August 1, 2008. Since my release I have lived very hard and have had a lot of disappointments both from myself and the greater revolutionary/activist community.

I want to stress that it is not easy being out here after 19 years of incarceration. It is not easy trying to find your way in a world that has radically changed and you literally question whether or not you are still relevant for anyone or anything. However, I am here to say that I am still fighting and that I will not end this fight. It has taken me a little longer to get adjusted than most but I am coming along and will be lending my voice to the struggle just as I had done all the years of my incarceration.

I also want to say that, we need to fight for our beloved brothers and sisters who are on death row and longed down in prison kamps. We cannot forget them and we must not allow the system to act as if they do not exist.

Siddique Abdullah Hasan is one example of someone whom we cannot forget. He is my brother, both in religion and in struggle and he deserves all the help he can get, just like Mumia and many others. We need to fight for the Lucasville Five, the Angola 3, the San Francisco 8 and a host of others too long of a list to name here.

Meantime, if anyone wishes to contact me they can email:

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