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Palestinian Detainees to Protest Israeli Decisions Against Them

May 10, 2009


IMEMC News –
March 24, 2009

The Prisoners Center for Studies (PCS) reported on Tuesday that Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons have decided to protest against the Israeli decisions against them, specifically calls for placing some in solitary confinement, and denying them visits and the right to education.

The PCS said that the decision came after the Israeli government decided several measures of collective punishment were taken against them following failed prisoner-swap talks with Hamas.

The measures also include barring prisoners from watching al-Jazeera new agency, and placing some of them in solitary confinement for indefinite periods, in addition to denying the detainees the right to education.

The center said that the detainees will not surrender and will not accept that Israel removes achievements they obtained through years of struggle and hunger strikes.

Furthermore, the PSC stated that there will be cooperation between the detainees and several factions and institutions in Palestine in order to organize massive protests marking April 17, the Palestinian Prisoners Day.

Ra’fat Hamdouna, head of the center, said that there are serious threats and violations against the detainees, especially the recent decision of the Israeli government to impose further restrictions on them.

Hamdouna appealed to the international community and different human rights groups to intervene and stop Israel’s violations of human rights and international treaties that call for protecting detainees.

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