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May 10, 2009

Am I free, or is Independence Day a revelation to tell me my soul is
under siege. My life is coiled by mischief, and the misuse of the
American philosophy. I recollect on the day my ancestors were help in
captivity for the extortion of their body’s, and sent outside to work in
inhuman heat to pluck crops for no fee.

Should I celebrate or represent all the fallen soldiers that died with
the belief of grasping better days.
I’m a link to that chain, but I have no concrete attachment to my habitat.
I can’t state the tribe I come from, let alone advocate foe someone who
administrates these United States because his malicious attacks, and
greed is the cause of all hate.

Why can’t we salute all the greats like Fredrick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, and
Meger Evers who displayed noble trait’s despite the vengeance inflicted due
to the color of their face. Why can’t we give credence to their excellence, and
the freedom they generated.

Am I amiss if I pray for a revolution against poverty, and
the growing crime rate, instead of paying homage to a date that camouflage the
countless soul’s they broke, and spirit’s they raped. I can’t resent or forsake
Abrham Lincoln’s name, because he did release one or two slaves, but his intent
was motivated to lessen the blow of the reaper stalking his fate.

My only hope is to sanitize the conscience of those who think the
Declaration of Independence is a niece of paper tailored for their
emancipation. It wouldn’t be unwise to shuffle through the calendar, and see if
there is any balance to race, gender or your creed. What if this day was
constructed to subtract attention away from the corrupt Judge or person
specifically chose to monopolize the treasury system.

I don’t oppose independence, nor can I express admiration or a exuberate
emotion for a day that is tainted by the people
who were unwillingly extradited over the North Atlantic sea with no water to
drink or food to eat. So I pose this question to
all those who wore a American flag or red, white, and blue emblem to signify
their reverence for the 4th of July…

“ All those who participated in the pre staged
event of Independence, I ask can you firmly say
that you experience liberty, & equality in the
life you lead ? “

Ciron B. Springfield
Csp Lac (P-7004)
P.O. Box 4430
Lancaster, CA 93539

Ciron is a 26 year-old incarcerated African male confined at Lancaster State Prison for murder, who was erroneously tried and convicted as a adult at the tender age of 15.

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