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MANA: Social Justice Committee

May 10, 2009

Support for Revolutionary Political Prisoners in the United States

Over two months after the successful 2nd Annual MANA (Muslim Alliance in North America) Convention in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving weekend, MANA’s Social Justice Committee is busy owning up to its commitment to begin forming working alliances and collaborations with other front-line organizations that organize, address and support efforts and strategies to free the remaining political prisoners from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s who were involved in the liberation movements of that day. The Social Justice Committee recognizes that support for these political prisoners is an essential component of the ongoing struggle to address racism, social injustices, and exploitation even as it exists today. The Social Justice Committee also recognizes that fair and just changes in society cannot and will not sincerely and thoroughly occur if people of color and people of conscience abandon those who have put their lives in harm’s way and have struggled valiantly for many of the freedoms and advancements presently experienced. Along with its commitment, the Social Justice Committee will bring all the resources that it can muster in supporting those efforts that already exist, as well as educating and organizing the Muslim communities across the nation to do the same.

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