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May 10, 2009

Sincere greetings:

I am one of the exiles currently held on San Quentin’s Death Row. I am writing with extended appreciation for the boundless energy and creativity displayed through your zeal in looking out for the fellas – we the condemned exiles whose plight within the CJS is much like – to borrow a phrase from comrade Bell – Sisyphus in hell without hope of a brighter future.

Concerning my position here I am an old school militant whose theoretical views are still fairly constant in the actuality of perceiving something far greater than this notion of westernized democracy. Like here in this land comrades, the repressive hierarchies of state capitalism is reproducing peoples into mere shells of what they really should be, ought to be. Stunting their equilibrium in ways unimaginable. They are then taught or counselled to blame the self for almost every hardship encountered in their life’s journey, rather than to question critically the institutional root of the problem.

In synch with all this of course is the routine scheduled behind these walls, enriched somewhat by rigorous exercise and meditation. We also hold (periodically) yard class group studies in which issues of cultural history, philosophy and politics are given in-depth review.

Strength and Solidarity, Cliff

Dear 4Strugglemag:

I just recently received issue #11 of your publication. It took me awhile to respond because only days after receiving it I was involved in a protest that not only led to the use of chemical agents against a number of inmates but also led to me being placed on property restriction. Eventually I was recommended for a third tour of Close Management (Florida’s equivalent of a SHU) and in the midst of this process I was transferred to where I’m writing you from now. On the bus / slave ship ride over here I had the opportunity to snatch the envelope with your mailing address on it.

Let me begin by saying I was impressed by your publication. What captured my interest in #11, above everything else, was the roll call of contributors – including but not limited to Marilyn Buck, Sundiata Acoli, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Jalil Muntaqim and more. The primary reason for this is that I’ve set a campaign for myself. That campaign is to build a bridge of solidarity connecting the patriarchs of north-amerikan resistance with the lumpen-proletariat of north amerikan consequence. It is my opinion here in n. amerika that since the fall of the Black Panther Party that Frantz Fanon’s encouragement to enlist the lumpen-poletariat (the “spearhead” of the revolution) in the revolution and his warning against neglecting that same class (the class I am here representing) has all but been forgotten. It is also my opinion that in order for this bridge to be built between the patriarchs (whom the majority of my class have never heard of) and the Lumpen-Proletariat, it must first be constructed by the patriarchs and the inspiring leaders of the lumpen-proletariat organizations (LPOs). 4Strugglemag is the ideal platform for such a construction to be founded.

I would like to submit an article on “lumpen-proletarianism” to be featured in your publication and to serve somewhat as a voice and a message not only to the “patriarchs” and such recognized up-and-coming revolutionary organizations as the WPO and the New Afrikans, but to the revolutionary community as a whole…

In closing I also want to take this opportunity to inform you that the state chapter of the LPO that I represent has recently begun publishing a zine of our own. It is a revolutionary newsletter titled “The Brotherhood of Man.” Its principle purpose is to combat the psychological effects that outlets as the government controlled media and capitalist dominated music industry have had upon the minds of our people by presenting our true history and potential as lumpenized members of the working class. We would appreciate your support in this project and would be open to further discussions on how we could support one another. This would not only serve to expand your readership (amongst the lumpen-proletariat) but also demonstrate to our readership that there are recognized revolutionary organizations, collectives, publications, etc. out there that are living up to the word so many of us are just now wanting to add to our vocabulary.

Solidarity, Morin

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