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In memory of the martyr Bashir Hameed – BY RUSSELL MAROON SHOATZ

May 10, 2009

September 11, 2008

For over 40 years, Bashir Hameed, dedicated his life to the struggle for Black Liberation and the uplifting of humanity in general. As a former member of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, and later a long held political prisoner, he NEVER tired in giving his all. Every day across the globe thousands die without ever having struck a blow against oppression.

Not Bashir! For decades he remained a lion against those who strive to keep us oppressed. An example of the type of dedication that will one day seize the masses of downtrodden and propel them to sweep away all manner of injustice. Until then, we will remember the Martyr Bashir Hameed and draw strength and courage from the selfless example he set. LONG LIVE THE MARTYR BASHIR HAMEED!

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