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Oppression Is!!!

May 10, 2008


Oppression is slave boats, shackles and bloody whips; sick infants being tossed out of ships, women being raped, men being eviscerated – wizened to wimps;

Oppression is the mugging of Alkebulan/Afrika, Asia, Australia, and what is now known as the Amerikas;

Oppression is HIV/AIDS orchestrated by Europe to destroy entire villages and to orphan millions of children;

Oppression is rapacious pale faces with blue eyes, lost Black, Brown, Red, Yellow men strapped with technines and abused little babies with never ending cries;

Oppression is the United States House of Representatives, where bills are passed to manufacture more prisons, to keep the wealthy ones rich and the poor ones in check by way of Truth-In-Sentencing;

Oppression is the U.S. military invading nations in the name of democracy and liberation, when its true aim is plunder and subjugation;

Oppression is the heinous molestation of young precious children, the horrific discrimination of all women and the systemic marginalization of poor people.

Oppression is the death penalty, where hundreds of innocent people reside, where close to a thousand, over the years, have met their demise, where government decides who dies; what week, what day, what month, what year, what time;

Oppression is the FBI and DEA who infest economically disadvantaged communities with drugs and guns to justify modern day slavery;

Oppression is immense hunger and starvation, utter poverty, unemployment and Kapital exploitation;

Oppression is police brutality; violent beatings, excessive shootings, racial profiling, false imprisonment –and they claim to serve and protect humanity;

Oppression is the Department of Corrections, where injustice, persecution and repression is the normal practice

Oppression is the United States Government… Yeah, That’s what oppression is!!!

Kamau Damali
S/N Raynell Morgan 279380
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel WI
USA 53805

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