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Introduction to Issue 11

May 10, 2008

Issue 11: Spring 2008

Jericho 10/10 March, 2008 Elections, San Francisco 8, Black August, A Basic Introduction to Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Hey everyone, welcome to issue 11 of 4strugglemag, a powerful voice of political prisoners in the U.S.! We had hoped to get this issue out early this summer, instead it is coming at you in late August. We are having some problems, especially getting hard copies produced and mailed out. Any activist groups who could help with this are urged to contact us.

This issue has timely and important information for you. The first section is all about the Jericho October 10th, free all political prisoners march to the UN Building in NYC. Everyone is really urged to check out and spread this information. The 10/10 march must be large, loud and dynamic. Everyone who cares about and supports any or all political prisoners, needs to know that this rally is the single most important event for ALL U.S. political prisoners and really needs your support.

Section two has information on the San Francisco 8 case. Their trial starts in September. We missed August this year, but we still have information on Black August in Section three. Section four has information on a variety of issues, including the annual ABCF sponsored Running Down The Walls benefit runs. They are being held in LA and many other cities and prisons across the country. Everyone is urged to join a run or organize one in your prison or city. There are also thoughts on Obama and the elections, and more.

In the final section, we are doing something different. We are reprinting an entire pamphlet – “A Basic Introduction to Dialectical and Historical Materialism.” This is a time tested training document used in and out of prison. Various activist and revolutionary groups have used it to help people learn and sharpen their revolutionary analysis skills.

4strugglemag will open its pages in future issues, to questions, feedback and dialog on this pamphlet specifically, but more broadly on the need for more and deeper scientific revolutionary analysis in our work and movements.

We look forward to your feedback on everything in this issue. We hope to have issue 12 out soon, with material on the 10/10 Jericho march and the elections among other things. Please don’t forget, we need big and loud support for the Jericho 10/10 UN rally!


Jaan Laaman, editor

More Information from Jaan Laaman

Earlier this year, I began doing short (7-10 minute) radio commentaries for KCBLR ( A few other air wave stations/programs have also picked up these commentaries. They cover a variety of political and social issues.

These commentaries are also available for listening or downloading at At least one or two new ones are produced each month. The latest one, no.7, is about the 10/10 Jericho march at the UN Building and provides background information on political prisoners in the U.S., the Jericho Movement, and details on the march.

I am open to more radio stations and internet sites using my commentaries. They are all available at the freejaan blog site, but anyone who is interested in regularly using my words should contact the site or me and each new commentary will be emailed to you when it is produced.

One other piece of information I’d like to let people know about – at the end of this year, I’ll complete my Mass state sentence (I’ve been here in Walpole the past 8 years). I’ll then be sent back to the federal system, to begin an on and after 53 year sentence (conspiracy to overthrow or disrupt the U.S. government).

I don’t know what federal prison I’ll be sent to. I will certainly not regret leaving Walpole state prison, although I will miss some good brothers here. Heading off to some new penitentiary with a big sentence pretty much sucks too, but I do look forward to seeing some of my political prisoner comrades again in the federal system.

4strugglemag readers in prison should be aware that while I can receive mail directly from other prisons here in the Massachusetts state system, the federal system does not allow prisoners to receive mail from other prisons. 4strugglemag and the freejaan blog site will keep people informed of my new address.

Wherever I wind up, I’m going to keep on struggling — hope you do too.

Jaan Laaman
Box 100
South Walpole, MA
USA 02071

Call for contributors

4strugglemag is looking for quality writing that contributes to critical, revolutionary thought and reflection.

In particular, we are interested in the following:

Feature articles: We’re looking for in depth, analytical articles that critically examine a particular issue, historical occurrence, political idea, or current event. We are looking for well-researched articles that broaden and challenge revolutionary thought. If you are in need of research help, don’t hesitate to ask. We may be able to help supply some of the resources needed in order to write a well-informed piece. We can also help with the editing and/or process. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Book reviews: Is there a book you’d like to review for 4strugglemag? Let us know. If you don’t have the book, we can arrange to get it to you.

Letters: We love to hear from you. Please let us know if you would like your letter printed in the next issue.

P.O. Box 97048
RPO Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 3B3 Canada

In Memoriam

On August 30, 2008, as Issue 11 of 4strugglemag was going to print, political prisoner Bashir Hameed passed away after more than 26 years of unjust imprisonment. Bashir’s supporters and family had been campaigning against the medical neglect he was experiencing despite ongoing complaints of shortness of breath, chest and stomach pains, and a history of heart surgery.We salute Bashir for his long history of inspirational resistance, and we will feature a tribute to him in Issue 12.

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