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Call to Action

May 10, 2008


No one is born a political prisoner. We each become a political detainee from whatever time or place in which our conscience and imperative to challenge injustice and inequality developed.

The U.S. political prisoners and POWs are doctors, scientists, workers, artists, unemployed people and the disenfranchised, marginalized and historically oppressed. Most of us are anti-imperialist and have carried on the tradition of seeking justice, living with compassion and clear eyes even inside these cruel, deranged prison cages.

As an internationalist, I am outraged at the war, the torture of prisoners, assaulting and driving civilians into exile from Iraq and Afghanistan to right here in the U.S. in New Orleans, LA. I would hope that all the political prisoners and POWs also support women’s equality and freedom worldwide. There has been much foot-dragging when it comes to women’s liberation which has not only impoverished the resources of newly-liberated nations but has also played a major role in the inability of many countries to remain free of the shackles of neo-colonialism and anti-democratic political, social and economic conditions.

While different ones of us struggle on different fronts, let us hope that we all remain standing to support the right to self-determination of nations, and end to the hierarchy of capital, nation, race and gender, and for that principled peace that will aid life to survive on this planet.

Most of the U.S. political prisoners have been imprisoned for 25 years and more, though as the U.S. continues its wars and pillage, there are many younger U.S. residents detained as political prisoners. Meanwhile, other nations that have held political prisoners for decades are releasing their prisoners. Germany not so long ago released long-held Red Army Faction prisoners
held more than 25 years.

Let the conscience of the world, represented in the UN, speak out in the name of the U.S. political prisoners and POWs.

Marilyn Buck
Unit A
5701 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA
USA 94568

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