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May 10, 2008


In this”Free” Country
Court papers prove
my surveilance from age four
Pops is locked in
behind a solid steel door
and he is officially
not allowed books anymore
I’ve learned to date and number the pages of letters written and sent
to know which ones have been lost, stolen or hidden and when
I’ve known too many scape-goats strong, beautiful self less ones media made into thieves
cut-throats and bums
I’ve said I was scared to join them and scared is exactly what I meant. but I also learned that if you don’t stand tall the first time, then… a punk gets punked out
so calling ugly things ugly
is a big part of what it’s all about and in this “Free” Country
I’ll speak truth even thru
a toothless and beaten mouth.

Netdahe Williams Stoddard lives in Vermont. He is the son of Richard Williams, a long held political prisoner who died in 2005.

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