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Spirit Killer

February 10, 2008


Someone run tell Mr. Hughes, i know what happens
to a dream deferred;
it chafes the heart,
till your blood boils, burns. Fermenting in your gut
a thousand ‘rotten apples’ become poverty’s
witch’s brew
which doesn’t inebriate; lighten your mood.
It plays with your mind silently hissing at you;
“i’m everything u coulda been had u listened to me!”
It’s an emanation around your reflection,
a somnambulist rattling contemptuous chains.
A generation of black souls pigeon-holed in
oppression’s calaboose.
A dream deferred is unrequited love, passion refused,
A Spirit Killer,
Red, White and Blue!

A. Castlin (J-99402)
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City CA
USA 95532

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