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Introduction to Issue 10

February 10, 2008

Issue 10: Winter 2008

San Francisco 8 * Hip Hop, Revolution, and Youth * Anti-imperialist struggles in the Basque land (Spain) and the Middle East * Oppression and Resistance

Welcome to our tenth issue. Many readers will be aware that this issue was scheduled to come out last August (07). We ran into some logistical and personal problems, with our extremely hardworking outside comrades. I’m talking about the few key people who do all of the actual production work on the electronic and hard copies. We are glad to finally get number 10 out, and it is full of news and views that were worth the wait.

This is our Winter 08 issue, so we send warm, positive and Revolutionary RED Season’s greetings to each and every reader.

Section one has information on the most important political case in America today – the San Francisco 8 case.

Section two continues our discussion on Hip Hop and revolution. Be sure to check out the article on Tupac, written by his father Mutulu Shakur.

Section three has a very informative piece on ETA and the liberation struggle in the Basque country. We also have a detailed and informative revolutionary analysis on Iran.

Section four is loaded with information and ideas on the ongoing resistance to the repression of U.S. imperialism here in America. There is an article by Assata Shakur, on the Prison Industrial Complex. Also articles on Filiberto Ojeda Rios and Puerto Rico, on the Jena 6, the Black Riders in LA, and on Indigenous resistance. We also have a report on the U.S. Social Forum, as well as poignant reflections on captivity.

Hope you find lots of this material useful and thought provoking, and even more importantly, action provoking. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan drag on and people are dying daily. Government repression continues across the U.S., killer cops, overcrowded prisons, court room injustices. During this holiday season, lets not only think of Peace, but act for it too.

Our next issue will be out in April. Issue 11 will include one new and different thing. We will run the entire booklet entitled “A Basic Introduction to Dialectical and Historical Materialism”. This training document has been used by various activists and formations over the years, to help people learn and sharpen their skills of revolutionary analysis.

See you in April in issue 11.

Freedom, Justice and
Dynamic Peace!
Jaan Laaman, editor

This issue’s cover illustration is by political prisoner Tom Manning

Thanks to all of our readers and contributors for your patience during the publication delays of the past several months. We’ve tried to keep this material as timely as possible, but have included a few older updates that we think are important. We’re proud to be putting out our tenth issue, and we hope you’ll continue to help us make 4strugglemag a strong voice in our social justice movements in 2008. – karen emily and Sara, Montreal ABCF

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