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Vernal Equinox (2007)

May 11, 2007


Searching for the heart of sanity and compassion
in the midst of the Weapons of Mass Deception
as the Colossalrelentlesswarmachine rolls inexorably forward
with a life and momentum of its own,
crushing lives and hope in its path
the “Bring em on!” is sotto voice now
but still defiantly daring anyone to stop it
the British pulling out is hailed in Orwellian Newspeak
as a sign of success
neocon alphas still dominate the agenda
even as they lose their grip on power and credibility
(they will not give it up easily)

however… there has been a shift in power…
may it be used with wisdom, courage and compassion

Vonnegut says it’s too late to save the world
we’ve already gone over the brink
but Gore is finally getting through, and we’re starting,
just barely, but starting, to get it – things are heating up
and we do have to do something, however inconvenient… soon

even so the world keeps turning, oblivious
to all our traumas and dramas, circling
on its long journey through the night, coming
around once again to that place
where the darkness recedes…

… and we’re in the light
a time of renewal, rebirth, transformation
reminding us that hope along with spring springs eternal,
with audacity, life persists, and we keep going
even in the face of death, and loss, even
with the earth being paved over, life works its way back up
through the cracks in the sidewalk

so let there be light, and let there be life
why is it again that we can’t all get along?
I’m grateful for the kindness, compassion and love
I’ve been shown, and the joy I’ve known, I am very fortunate,
we are very fortunate here, even in these troubling times,
we who have much, have much to give

let us find those cracks in the sidewalk
and let us begin to create peace in these perilous times
hey, stranger things have happened – consider one small harbinger
of possibility this spring – the Scorsese Factor…
(after all these years)

and so let us become the peace amidst this storm
let us extend the circle of caring and light out from here
let the renewal, the transformation begin with us

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