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Remembering a 15 Year Old Palestinian Woman in Prison Chained to the Bed Springs Because She Had Refused to Stop Singing

May 11, 2007


Summer ’88

Singing songs
for singing
clear melodic minor notes
welling from sweet young throats
and mouths
which have tasted the tightness of screaming silences spit upon cursed and beaten
when children are dying from Boer bullets
Israeli bombs
and slave master’s lashes
sounding a whining wrath

And still songs soar

Sounds sung sweetly
soaring skyward
Reeling remembering revealing souls and spirits
Women singing songs
lullabies lovesongs
and blues songs
chanting cantillating song
of living life
and dying death
Searching sounds not yet noted
on bars
not yet ordered on scales
Exploring the breadth of hell
Seeking the expanses of the universe
and freedom

Marilyn Buck
Unit A
5701 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA
USA 94568

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