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Young People Future

November 11, 2006


Young people of the future, listen and take heed,
Selling drugs and killing isn’t-what you need.
You need a direction in which way to go,
So why not start out by taking it slow.
Taking that crack and making a sale
Is gonna have you in SOMEONES JAIL.
So why not stay in school and get a decent job,
And stop hanging around with those fools who steal and rob.
Being in jail is nothing but a waste of time,
Most children say its just a school of crime.
We all know the difference between right and wrong,
Maybe we can be an actor or the singer of a song.
Dreams sometimes they do come true,
It all starts with you believing in you.
Take that first step and get on the right track,
And stop stealing and messing around with that crack.
The reason I know so much about this stuff,
Is because I ran the streets and thought I was tough.
And now I’m serving time in a Federal Joint,
So are you listening young people and getting the point?

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