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Rap, Revolutionary Consciousness, Youth, and the Continuing Struggle

November 11, 2006


Stencil of Tupac by Antoine Lax, Larkin Street Youth Services, San Francisco

It is a reality of life and of revolution, that Liberation and change will come largely from the courage and work of young people.

In the last issue of 4struggle, we printed a letter from Akili, a brother from Pelican Bay. He raised some important questions about the role of youth, hip hop/rap music and the connection between political prisoners, politically conscious prisoners and the overall struggle. 4strugglemag invited readers to get into this discussion. We have received some good ideas and comments. We are reprinting Akili’s letter and the Editor’s note from issue 7, followed by thoughts and comments from readers. 4strugglemag will continue to publish this discussion in the next issue and we welcome more feedback on everything said so far.

Communicate to Educate
– Educate to Liberate!
Jaan Laaman, editor

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