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Lynne Stewart Sentenced to Prison

November 11, 2006


Lynne Stewart, a life long progressive Human Rights attorney was sentenced to 28 months in prison on Oct. 16th, in federal court in Manhattan. Lynne, who is 67 years old and a very recent cancer survivor, was facing a possible 30 year sentence, so this two plus years she got was somewhat of a relief. She also remains out on bail, while her appeal is pending, which is positive, particularly so she can continue her health recovery.

Lynne is a dear friend of many political prisoners, especially all the Ohio 7 people. She was one of our lawyers, representing Richard Williams, from shortly after some of us were first captured in 1984, until she lost her license to practice law when she was convicted in 2005. Lynne was not only an excellent and fearless legal worker, she was and is our sister and friend.

We urge people to continue to support Lynne while she fights her appeal. It is important on principle that she wins. It is also very important that she not haveto go to prison, even for 2 years. It is a sad but deadly truth that healthcare in prison is mostly woefully inadequate. At its very best prison health care is just enough to keep a healthy person alive. If you have cancer or any other serious disease, anything that needs good care and costly treatments, you have a very slim chance of coming out alive.

Lynne is innocent and we need her healthy and out on the streets.

Jaan Laaman
Ohio 7 political prisoner

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