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The Allied Resistance Network

August 11, 2006

The Allied Resistance Network is an organization of prisoners from across the United States working to develop a revolutionary mentality and movement within the prisons of this country. The Allied Resistance Network was formed in early 2005, with a call for a network of prisoner revolutionaries from comrades imprisoned in Missouri, Kansas, and Indiana. A year later, the network has affiliates and contributors active in prisons all across the country.

The network puts out a (near) monthly newsletter that is sent out for free to any prisoner that requests it. The newsletter usually runs several feature stories dealing with timely news and analysis of breaking events occurring both outside and inside the prisons. Poems, essays, and prisoner art also fill the pages of the newsletter. The newsletter accepts submissions that meet our mission statement from any prisoners, not just affiliates of the network.

Kansas Mutual Aid, an organization of “free world” prison abolitionists located in Lawrence, Kansas is responsible for printing and distributing the newsletter. You can write to them for subscriptions, to submit writings and art for the newsletter, or to request free literature about the struggle for social justice at:

Allied Resistance
c/o Kansas Mutual Aid PO Box 442438
Lawrence, KS 66044

You can also access information on the network on the internet at and you can e-mail Kansas Mutual Aid at

It is the hope of the Kansas Mutual Aid collective that control over the newsletter and the actions of the network is in the hands of the prisoners involved with the network, and not just those of us on the outside. We wish to help facilitate the creation of a space for prisoners to organize themselves and to provide the tools to do so.

We hope to continue to evolve the newsletter in the future, and look forward to hearing from any and all active or interested in our joint struggle for a free and just society.

4strugglemag recommends people, prisoners in particular, check out Allied Resistance (AR). Most of the writing is from revolutionary-minded social prisoners. Ongoing discussions on topics like reparations, the war, racism, revolutionary unity among Black, white, and Latino prisoners are usually insightful and very real. Political prisoners’ words can also be periodically found, but mostly AR is an important grassroots prisoners zine.

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