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Could You Imagine

August 11, 2006


Could you imagine losing everything you love in the blink of an eye
And not knowing from one second to the next whether you will live or die? Could you imagine being thrown into the hole of a ship and stacked
up like a cord of wood,
Knowing that your captor has intentions and that none of them are good? Could you imagine?
Could you imagine being chained to that ships floor for months at a
time just barely alive,
And being given enough food for a rat to survive?
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine having the courage to face man eating sharks and
die in a watery grave,
Rather than spend your life being someone else’s slave?
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine someone speaking a language you don’t understand no matter how hard you try,
Then being beaten by that same person because you don’t reply?
Could you imagine?
Could, you imagine someone’s idea of fun is getting a rope and saying “let’s hang another one”?
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine being hated because your skin is dark as night
and being systematically slaughtered with no end in sight?
It pains my soul and it’s a crying shame that all I can do is imagine, But best believe I feel my ancestors pain.

Kenneth Lee Broussard #894395
Michael Unit
P.O. Box 4500
Tennessee Colony, TX 75886 USA

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