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An Update and Personal Appeal from Jaan Laaman – Ohio 7 Political Prisoner

August 11, 2006

Dear 4strugglemag readers, friends and fellow peace, justice and revolutionary activists,

Allow me to update my legal situation from earlier this year. I am still in Walpole – Massachusetts state prison. As I explained before, I have been locked up for over 21 years now. While I expected to finish my state sentence in March, and then be taken to the federal system to begin a 53 year, sentence, Massachusetts “found” an additional 3 to 5 year sentence they claim I still must complete.

I am the last Ohio 7 person, with a release date, who is still in captivity. My Ohio 7 comrade Tom Manning is also still in prison, doing a life sentence without a real parole date.

Last year I discovered a possibility of reopening and challenging my Mass case. If I can overturn this, I would be overdue for release on federal parole. Of course any legal effort is a huge and uphill battle, particularly for political prisoners. This is a realistic% possibility though, and the first appeal I am even hopeful about as well as determined to win. I need good and committed legal repre-sentation to fight this appeal. Because of the war and present repressive climate in the country, I have to hire and assemble my own legal team. Just weeks ago, I lost my last chance to get a legal aid/state appointed and paid for appeal attorney. No government agency wants to assist me in gaining justice and freedom, especially if there is some real chance of my winning. My defense is totally in my hands and the hands of the people now.

Some months ago I established a Legal Freedom Fund and began raising funds for my fight for justice and freedom. Thankfully some people have stepped forward and supported me, especially family and close associates, but I am still in REAL need of at least many thousands of dollars more and I am asking for your help now.

This is the first time in my life I have tried to raise money for my own legal defense. I do admit, I feel awkward asking for your help like this, but it is so necessary. The only way I can launch and wage this legal battle is with your support now. My Freedom Fund is staffed by a few sincere volunteers and all proceeds go directly towards paying for defense fees and lawyers. This is a one time legal effort which will be resolved one way or the other in the next year or so. Of course my hope and intention is to overturn my case, prove my innocence and finally join my now 24 year old son and family and all of you outside again.
I need your help to do this now. Make checks out to: Jaan Laaman Legal Freedom Fund, and send them to-

Jaan Laaman Legal Freedom Fund
P.O. Box 681
East Boston, MA 02128

I am encouraging groups and organizations to hold fundraisers, parties or other events to support my fight for freedom. You can contact the Freedom Fund P.O. Box or me, to discuss such efforts.

Seriously consider helping me now, and thank you for your support.


Jaan Laaman (W87237)
P.O. Box 100
South Walpole, MA 02071

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