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Words from Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner Jaan Laaman to the Boston Memorial for Filibert Ojeda Rios

February 11, 2006

Filiberto Ojeda Rios – Presente!

My comrade, brother, friend, you will always be present, inspiring and guiding so many of us. Certainly this will be true in your beloved beautiful country of Puerto Rico. Beyond its borders as well, your words and actions, your struggle, your life so righteously, boldly and bravely lived will guide and inspire many. And I will be one of those many, and I will miss you hermano.

Know that there will be many of us who will continue your life’s dream and work–of a Free and Independent Puerto Rico in a world without colonialism, a world of Freedom, Justice and Peace. I say this and salute you in behalf of all anti-imperialist political prisoners and certainly all my Ohio-7 comrades.

It is 18 or 19 years since we last walked and talked together, discussing philosophy and liberation, socialism and the Freedom Struggle. I miss you compañero as I send this final salute and warm abrazo to you. And with this salute, I do know that your dream of an independent socialist and free Puerto Rico will certainly come to be.

Jaan Laaman
Walpole State Prison, September 29, 2005

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