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FBI Stepping up Repression against Boricuas

February 11, 2006

Info from Rompiendo el Perimetro (Breaking the Perimeter) , Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores (Workers Socialist Movement) and other sources:

The FBI is embarking on yet another wave of repression against one of the oldest ideas taught in history classes throughout the United States: Independence.

In U.S. history books we learn about the struggle for independence from British tyranny. We learn about the so called founding fathers, heroes of Independence.

In Puerto Rico, the tyrant is the United States Government and the sheroes and heroes of independence are Betances, Bracetti, Albizu, Canales, Corretjer, Camacho, Dylcia, Filiberto…

The tyrant has continued being a tyrant while Puerto Ricans have actively, creatively, militantly fought for liberation for over a century.

On September 23, 2005, the day where Puerto Ricans celebrate the 19th century Grito de Lares/Lares Uprising for Independence from Spain, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, leader and founder of the Macheteros: the Puerto Rican Popular Army, was cowardly assassinated by the FBI. As the FBI attempted to close the perimeter
around their international crime, hundreds came confronting the police line. Since then, throughout Puerto Rico and the diaspora, graffitti pieces of “Todo Boricua Machetero” mark walls, while independence organizations have united and reignited the fight to end the colonial oppressive relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States.

(paragraph below from MST in Puerto Rico and translated into English by STARZ)

“This morning the F.B.I initiated an anti-independence movement operation. At the time this message was sent it was reported the feds raided the homes of known independence leaders in Mayaguez, Rio Piedras, Trujillo Alto, and other parts of the island. It has been reported that 23 orders of arrest exist for independence leaders. In the barrio Limon de Mayaguez, FBI agents raided William Muellers home and workplace. Mueller was arrested and later released. On Calle De Diego St, other FBI agents with heavy armed riflemen violently forced their way into the residence of Lililian Laboy, all in the presence of reporters and neighborhood residents, whom they ended up attacking also with pepper spray. The same thing occurred in Trujillo Alto, where Norberto Cintron Fiallo’s home was raided also. They are actively serving these arrest warrants throughout the island. This operation continues and adds another chapter to the history of repression and persecution that the FBI has practiced in Puerto Rico.”

This will also be another chapter added to the history of the Puerto Rican struggle for Independence! One observer of the peoples resistance reported, In San Juan as the feds were leaving, people, mostly students, started throwing (things) at the vehicles, various car windows broken by rocks, kicks, water bottles and shit. Power to the Peeeps!!

The Welfare Poets call on all allies to renounce the current FBI repression against the Puerto Rican independence movement and stand firm against the international crime of colonialism in Puerto Rico.

Todo Boricua Machetero,
En cada Familia Guerrillero

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