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Anti-War Movement Unity

February 11, 2006


Unity in the anti-war movement is our key to strength and success. From our first issue in 2004, 4strugglemag has advocated for and supported all anti-war marches and activities. As a voice of political prisoners in the United States with up to four decades of experience in the struggle, we know that it is only with unity and larger participation of the people, that we can force the government to end its military invasions, occupations and wars.

Broad anti-war solidarity and unity should not mean everyone has to adhere to a single weak or homogenized position and set of demands. An important source of strength for a vibrant growing movement is some diversity of specific demands put out by many different organizations and leaders. What we should be united on is a basic call for an end to war and occupation. Beyond that organiza-tions and individuals can and do have various demands and analyses. We can debate and even disagree with the lines put out by different groups, but we need to and can stay united by our basic opposition to the Bush government’s wars and occupations.

Most if not all U.S. political prisoners have a strong anti-imperialist foundation to their politics. We recognize U.S. imperialism as the principle source of war and injustice and the main obstacle to the progress that poor, oppressed and working people in the U.S. and around the world so need and want. Political analysis, theory and line are important. It is what guides organizations and the overall struggle. Debate and struggle around political positions, demands and ideology do have value and in anycase will happen. But we should reserve our main focus and attacks against our common foe — the war and occupation of the U.S. government.

Here in early 2006, the Bush government and its imperialist war policies coupled with its growing internal police state, is more disliked, distrusted, disbelieved or at the least, not supported by more people here in the U.S. than ever. The anti-war movement can reach and motivate more people now than ever before. It is so important for this movement, for us, to come out as loud and strong as possible in the coming months. This is not the time for us to divide ourselves or to put energy into fighting each other. Now is the time for all our organizations, with our varying positions to all come forward and embrace the people, as we all call for an end to the war and troops home now!

4strugglemag has always supported all the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition anti-war activities as well as the United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) activities. These are the two main anti-war coalitions in the U.S. We are not directly affiliated with either group. We do call on them both to keep working for unified national and regional anti-war events. Now is the time for more anti-war unity and organizing. Groups and coalitions can and will do their own work, but let us stay united in our big public events and gatherings.

It is with this call in mind, that we are reprinting the following Workers World Party statement. It deals with concerns about recent words from UFPJ, and their reluctance to continue working with the ANSWER coalition.

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