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U.S. Police State Attacks the Freedom It Cannot Provide

November 11, 2005


April is here and in this central region of the United States the sun encroaches on the winter season, which is short but crude while the summers are asphyxiating. Spring is by far the best time of year in Colorado, at least in my opinion.

But rather than write about the weather, I want to share some of my reflections on the immoral and unjustified resolution the United States is preparing to present against Cuba by whatever means it can at the Human Rights Commission in Geneva.

The objectives of the U.S. empire are twofold: first, to uphold justification for its policy of hostility and aggression against the Cuban people, embodied in the cruel economic blockade and by other measures and acts of aggression intended to destroy the Revolution.

The second is an attempt to void the example Cuba’s socialist project represents to the world, a project symbolizing a just and caring society that grants basic rights to all its citizens.

Increasingly less people believe and side with the U.S. empire, while every day more people admire the Cuban people and express solidarity for their cause. It is the U.S. who bears responsibility for violating these basic rights. Below I site some examples to illustrate this point.

Higher education in the United States comes at a high monetary cost. Of those students who enter and complete university studies, close to 64% finish with a financial debt averaging $17,000. Banks and private lenders profit millions of dollars off this enormous business.

In Cuba, all education is free. This year the university enrollment reached a record high of 380,000 students, who have at their disposal some 64 universities and 938 higher education centers throughout Cuban territory. Thousands of foreign students study in Cuban classrooms free of charge, including 8,400 at the Latin American School of Medicine.

At the closing of 2004, unemployment in the United States was at 5.5%. If we include the 2.5 million workers who have given up the search for work, the number increases to 7.2%. Of the unemployed, 4.7% are white and 10.7% are black, demonstrating the inherent racism in this system. Cuba has a 1.9% rate of unemployment and works to eradicate it completely based on the principle that every person is useful and can contribute to society. Once of every seven Cuban workers is a college graduate.

Some 44 million people in the United States have no health coverage. The high price of health services, many of them vital, is unaffordable for millions of people and tens of thousands die because they lack free and timely medical attention.

All medical services in Cuba are free. Not only is the per capita doctor-patient ratio one of the highest in the world, but 23,413 Cuban health professionals and technicians are currently offering their services in 66 Third World countries.

In the United States, the riches people—or 1% of the population—control more than 1/3 of the nation’s wealth. The lower class—or 80% of the population, the workers, own only 16% of the national wealth. But even more astounding, 20% of the richest control 84.4% of all wealth, while 20% of the poorest are subjected to large debts; they owe more than they own.

In Cuba, the socialist Revolution guarantees social justice. In other words, equal rights and equality in the distribution of goods and wages. For example, this year 68% of the state’s expenses were allocated to the improvement of education, health, safety, social assistance, culture, sports, sciences and technology; all for the benefit of the people, who are in power.

The government of the United States is responsible for tortures, crimes and other human rights violations which have and continue to take place in the prisons of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Guantánamo Naval Base, occupied against the will of the Cuban people.

In the last 46 years of the Cuban Revolution, there have been no cases of disappearances, tortures or executions without trial.

It’s not difficult to see that the Cuban people defend freedom and human rights with dignity and heroism not only in Cuba, but throughout the world. We know from experience the price of defending the Revolution’s founding principles and the price of telling the truth even when it contradicts the empire. However, we who are true revolutionaries will never abandon our just struggle and will continue forward, remembering the precise words of Che: to imperialism, one cannot cede even the tiniest bit.

Thank you for you letter and for the encouragement it gives us to know that you are unwaveringly committed to our struggle, in this indestructible union of ideas. As our Cuban Independence Hero, Jose Marti, taught us: “TRENCHES MADE OF IDEAS ARE STRONGER THAN TRENCHES MADE OF STONE.”

Antonio Guerrero #58741-004
USP Florence
5880 State Highway 67
South Florence CO 81226 USA

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