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Jericho Callout for Millions More March

November 11, 2005

An Invitation to Join Jericho Amnesty Movement for U.S. Political Prisoners

October 14-17, 2005 Washington, DC
The Jericho Movement for Amnesty & Freedom for All Political Prisoners in the U.S.

Herman B. Ferguson and Efia Nwangaza, National Co-Chairs

The Millions More March (MMM-10th) call to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March this October 14-16, in Washington, DC, is an opportunity for the Jericho Movement for Amnesty and Recognition for U.S. Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Exiles (The Jericho Movement, political prisoners) and other progressive and revolutionary forces to consolidate our efforts. It is a chance to launch a public education and recruitment campaign on behalf of U.S. political prisoners (PP). Many of them are survivors of COINTELPRO and have served sentences longer than did Nelson Mandela for his and the ANC’s activities against South African apartheid.

The Jericho Movement for Amnesty and Recognition for Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Exiles (hereafter, political prisoners) grew out of the historic Jericho ’98 March on Washington for political prisoners. They were jointly sponsored by the PGRNA and the New Afrikan Liberation Front (NALF) for the release of our captured freedom fighters. It was the brainchild of political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim and designed to serve as the official U.S. political prisoners’ voice.

Jalil Muntaqim borrowed the idea from the annual Provisional Government Republic of New Africa’s (PGRNA) Jericho March, sponsored over 10 years ago on New Afrikan Nation Day (NAND). The PGRNA’s last march, 1993, was held in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. To start, Jalil called former political prisoners Safiyah Bukhari and Herman Ferguson. Together, they agreed to organize a nationwide march. It was called the Jericho ’98 March and took place at the White House in Washington, DC, on March 27th 1998 to coincide with NAND.

In honor of the eightieth anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X and in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the ’98 Jericho March on Washington, the JERICHO MOVEMENT FOR AMNESTY AND RECOGNITION OF U.S. POLITICAL PRISONERS calls for the revival and expansion of the broad coalition which launched that historic ’98 march. The formation will be called the JERICHO AMNESTY MOVEMENT for U.S. POLITICAL PRISONERS MILLIONS MORE CONTINGENT (The Contingent). The goal is to bring a focused political prisoner presence to the Millions More March.

In addition to participation in official activities, The Contingent will launch a weekend long public education and cultural blitz for full recognition and amnesty of all U.S. political prisoners. This effort has begun with movement wide polling and is expected to continue following the MMM-10th to strengthen current efforts to free U.S. political prisoners and lay the foundation for the 10th anniversary of the Jericho ’98 March. The JERICHO MOVEMNT (JM) and the Contingent will take care to incorporate and cooperate with, as much as practical, other efforts to create a political prisoners’ voice for the MMM-10th. The JERICHO MOVEMENT supports the Millions More March and seeks representation on its planning body and presentation of the political prisoners’ joint statement from the event podium.

The Jericho Movement proposes the following Points of Unity:

  • Rehumanize, decriminalize, amnestize, protect U.S. political prisoners, prisoners of war, and exiles.
  • Gain recognition of the existence of U.S. political prisoners, prisoners of war, and exiles
  • Win amnesty and freedom for U.S. political prisoners, prisoners of war, and exiles
  • Build U.S. amnesty movement, Jericho March 10th anniversary
  • Demand Congress impanel COINTELPRO Truth Commission, Church Committee-like panel, with remedies and restitution to targeted communities, organizations, and individuals
  • Repeal the PATRIOT ACT

Organizations joining the Contingent are asked to do the following:

  • When proposing additional demands, include a relevant quote from political prisoners and legendary black and/or other revolutionary leaders to be used in educational literature.
  • Publicize the Contingent’s slogans, along with organizational demands.
  • Commit to educate and mobilize their constituency around the Contingent, its slogans, and its organizational demands. The modification of the Contingent’s slogans and demands shall be by 3/4 votes.

The Contingent structure will include a national Steering Committee of a voting representative from each Jericho Chapter and persons chosen and assigned as liaisons by national and local participating organizations, groups, and formations. Representatives are expected to participate in monthly conference calls and in person meetings as the Committee deems necessary. Daily governance and implementation are to be conducted by Jericho Movement Co-Chairs and regional representatives chosen by each region. To be a member of the Contingent, an organization must 1] be a current member of the Jericho Movement, 2] have participated in the ’98 Jericho March on Washington, or 3] be invited by or apply to the Jericho Movement. Other qualifications may be determined by the Steering Committee. Endorsements are broadly sought.

Box 340084
Jamaica, NY 11434

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