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Introduction to Issue 5

November 11, 2005

Issue 5: Fall 2005

Police State * Solitary Confinement * Resistance

Our founding editor, Jaan Laaman, is stepping back for a bit, and has nominated the very capable Bill Dunne to take over for him. Please join us in welcoming Bill, and in thanking him for all of his work on this issue.

We continue to take a hard look at the growing police state in America and its human rights abuses, including the solitary confinement of prisoners. As always we welcome your feedback and contributions, by mail, email, or on our discussion board [no longer active].

Next issue: We all know what we’re against… but what are we for? What kind of society are we envisioning as an alternative to corporate capitalism and the police state? How will we get there? Send your submissions now!

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