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Introduction to Issue 4

May 11, 2005

Issue 4: Spring 2005

May 19th * Palestine * Police State USA * Resistance * Organizing Against the War

Welcome to 4strugglemag number 4. This marks the second year of 4strugglemag. We are continuously trying to sharpen our work and we intend to keep this voice of political prisoners coming to you.

This issue begins with a tribute to May 19th and the revolutionary leaders who were born on this date. Our major section deals with the struggle of the Palestinian people, including a historical fact sheet and other data. The third section deals with Police State USA. Mumia Abu Jamal and others discuss Lynne Stewart’s case. We also raise the question: is fascicm happening in the USA? Then we have a piece by Free on Radical Environmentalism. We also report on the March 19-20 worldwide anti-war rallies. Finally we have an analysis of racism by Larry Mitchell.

We encourage further discussion on all these issues especially on our discussion board. Letters are also welcomed, either to this magazine or you can write directly to the political prisoner writers.

Issue 5 will be out late this summer. One section will continue the issue of how real fascism is becoming in the U.S. and what could and needs to be done about it. In the meantime let’s all say no, in as many ways as possible, to the war and police state.

4strugglemag send a very positive and militant MAY DAY/International Worker’s Day salute to everyone. We’ll keep struggling—hope you do too.

Dynamic Peace and Justice
Jaan Laaman (W41514), editor
P.O. Box 100
South Walpole MA 02071 USA

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