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Bush, Oil, War and Thoughts on How to Become a True People

May 11, 2005
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There is a much larger problem taking place in the lives of people today other than their need to pay bills, hold and maintain jobs, personal relationships with others and satisfying their boredom. Today we find ourselves looking at survival from a global aspect that seems to be taking us all on a course of mass destruction. We see this happening by the way governments are lining up to fight for the last viable resource that can be used to dominate others and that is oil.

The war in Iraq and the U.S. military in Afghanistan is about the possession of oil and controlling the Middle East. It is about the United States and multi-national corporations being the sole survivor out of all major big governments and their corporations to control and have domination over the oil. He who controls the oil will control the world. For it is the oil that runs the economy and the machines. It is oil that makes products and moves the machinery to transport the products worldwide. It is oil that has governments dictating new policies, enforcing agendas, exercising military brutality and establishing puppet regimes to have easy access to the region and its oil and other natural resources by keeping the people in line. It is that process which affects billions of people and it is oil that fuels the military to enforce bloody aggression to all that refuse to bow to the dictator. This is the real problem that we face and until we face this collectively and act collectively to change this condition we all will soon find ourselves extinct as a human species from the most catastrophic act of global madness imaginable… nuclear war.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope if ‘The People’ begin to realize the potential power they have by coming together and acting to avert our human extermination. We can do this by coming together and shedding off the spell that’s been place upon us by capitalism and commercialism induced by greed, and realize that our own actions have caused the oppression we find ourselves in today by simply denouncing the things we think we need and must have, and return to a more civil state of understanding. But in order for us to reach this process we must realize that our thinking must be reshaped and our desires must be dulled and put into check.

No government or military power can thrive without the consensus of the people. We are the ones that have allowed our condition to be as it is today and only we can change it. This is not to say it will be easy because we did not easily find ourselves in this problem, but with diligence and fortitude we can make the slow grinding process of changing our current condition.

When we speak of revolution most people have ht concept of something bloody and horribly violent, but revolution only means a ‘radical’ change. Something powerful, eventful and dynamic. That is what revolution really is. It’s about changing a social, political or economic condition from what it is, and has been for a period of time, to that of a new structure; a new dynamic of enlightenment, which can only be caused by the people. That is why it is a fact that a revolutionary war is a peoples’ war. People make revolution, revolution does not make people. And thus, it is only the people who can effect change in a drastic way, either for the good or the bad for the whole of humanity, but to reach this stage we must be open to raising our consciousness.

The current events taking shape via the Bush regime is nothing more than a military coup that has been allowed by the people to exist. If the people truly do not want Mr. Bush and the U.S. government to invade other countries; to trample over their human rights and the rights of others, and create a new despotic system that has all of us held in fear and powerless, then we can stop it, but the question is, do we really want to stop it?

Mr. Bush’s re-election into political office was won both by fear and dishonest politicking. He did not win by the so-called ‘vote of the people.’ He won by using dishonest tactics, such as false information and fear to regain the Presidency and it worked for a second time. Now his position will have a long-lasting effect for generations to come because the people failed to take proactive steps to see that he was defeated, but even if John Kerry would have won, he promised to continue the illegal war in Iraq. He also promised to keep the U.S. military on the prowl and actively engaged in foreign lands for the interests of the elite. After all, he and George Bush are members of the same secretive ‘Skull’n’Bones’ society, which means their ideological differences are transparent when it comes to serving the people, because they both serve the capitalist elite, and both are reeking from the spoils of excess.

It is time for the people to wake up and realize that their condition will not change from a Presidential election, nor from replacing members of the Congress or the Senate. Their condition will only change when the people’s consciousness reaches the poignant level for revolution and we act upon that consciousness individually and collectively. There is no other way. When that level of consciousness develops then and only then will the people be willing to overthrow any idiom that opposes the peoples’ will. Only then will people digest the reality that armed struggle must be a necessary component in order to secure their freedom from oppression. Peaceful means is always the better way and more preferred method, but we must realize that those in power will never relinquish their power except by force. That is just a hard but realistic fact. They will not yield to civil pleas, demands and protest, thereby the people must be willing to justifiably impose its will upon all oppressive regimes that seek to keep them oppressed. That is the only way we will become a free people.

Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI
48446 USA

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