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February 11, 2005

BY JANET AFRICA, MOVE 9 political prisoner

The purpose of MOVE is to instill direction, enforce commitment and revolt against the inactivity of this system. The government, all governments that have taken the governing power inherent in all people and placed it in the hands of the exploitative few. We are deeply serious, loyal and totally committed, the vanguard of revolutionaries, sworn to right the wrongs of oppression, and fight the injustice of external government.

This system of government has twisted people’s minds, conditioned people’s thoughts and behaviour patterns through systematic training, in order to keep people enslaved to the system for exploitative purposes. External governments have been merchandising people’s power of purpose, policing the way of people’s freedom, exploiting the governing power of life ever since the exploitative embezzlement of politics was invented. The way of this system was wrong at its inception, it is wrong today and will be wrong tomorrow unless people commit their selves to make things right. We are freedom fighters, committed to fight the oppressor who is waging an all out war against any resistance by the oppressed.

This government has locked MOVE in prison for 26 years knowing we are innocent, they took our sister Merle’s life here at Cambridge Springs Prison after she had done 20 years in prison, they bombed and murdered our family and they are still trying to annihilate the MOVE organization because we will not stop fighting this system. What this system is doing to MOVE ain’t no different than what they have done to freedom fighters throughout history. This ain’t just a MOVE issue this is an issue of the oppressed against the oppressor.

Everybody in this fight, in support of this fight should learn to never let the oppressor, the enemy, convince them that resistors, freedom fighters, the oppressed are criminal and belong in prison. Whenever people fight against the oppressor, the oppressor has historically used the same tactics; beaten them into submission and if that didn’t work, exterminate those courageous enough to fight and those who escape being murdered are labelled criminal and put in jail until they are too old to fight anymore, or jailed for the rest of their lives. This is where people who don’t know any better get confused. They think the charges that are put on freedom fighters are valid and that the government is justified for locking us up but in our case, 9 MOVE members were locked up and convicted for the death of one cop who was shot by one bullet and sentenced us 30 to 100 years each, 900 years all total for a crime we didn’t’ commit. MOVE was in our basement 8/8 1978, when the cops came to our home trying to kill us, and in their frenzy, they shot and killed their own cop.

The first reports that came out was that cop Ramp was shot in the back of the head and the bullet traveled downward making it physically impossible for move to have done it because being in the basement placed MOVE literally at the cop’s feet. Despite all their lies and inconsistencies throughout our year long trial, we were sent to prison and have been here for 26 years. In 1985 when this government viciously attacked our family, set fire and dropped a bomb made out of C-4 that was given to the Phila police dept. by the feds. they murdered innocent move people, children, as they were trying to escape the burning inferno, the cops shot them back into a burning hell. 11 of our family members were murdered but not one of the officials who gave the order, not the cops that dropped the bomb, not the cops that shot our family back into the house, was held accountable for our families deaths, not one of them spend 1 day in prison for what they did.

Where is the justice, the balance in this situation? There is none, this government can rape, murder, terrorize, plunder their way around the glove, but as long as they can justify it with that fraudulent institution called legality, they get away with murder. They used that legality to put us in prison when we are innocent and used the same legality to kill our family. People got to realize and understand, just because it’s legal don’t make it right. Slavery was legal but it wasn’t right; exterminating jews in gas ovens was legal but it wasn’t right; throwing Christians to lions was legal but it wasn’t right. People will say we broke the law so we belong in jail but they can’t see that the system that made laws is wrong.

This does bring about conflict and disagreement with people, a calculated technique by the government to cause separation within the people. The South Africans didn’t listen to the oppressive government of South Africa when they labelled the freedom fighters in that country as criminals, the Black slaves in this country didn’t believe the slave master when they said Nat

Turner was criminal; Americans didn’t listen to the British government when they said the American revolutionaries were criminals for going against the King of England.

It’s no way the people should be taking the word of the oppressor over somebody who is being oppressed just like them. It’s like a Jewish person taking Hitler’s word over another Jewish person during the holocaust. Like a Christian trusting the Romans over another Christian while being thrown to the lions by Romans,; or like trying to convince oppressed people that Leonard Peltier belongs in prison, that he is a criminal, a murderer, when the people saying this are directly involved in stealing his whole country and slaughtered his people into virtual extinction, this very day they got his people, the Indians, the natural inhabitants of this land enslaved on reservations. The oppressor will do anything to hold on to their position of oppression.

This is why MOVE is in prison, for confronting and exposing the lies, corruption, and filth of this system, not because we are criminal or guilty.

To quote our founder, JOHN AFRICA:

“…When an innocent person is sent to prison like guilty, the principle of innocence is under attack and the innocence of all innocent is assaulted. An innocent example is a free example, those who are silent about the condition of the innocent is silent about the position of freedom. When innocence is jailed it ain’t just John Brown that is jailed, freedom is jailed because freedom does not stop with John Brown, no more than innocence stops with John Brown’s Mother…”


Janet Hollaway Africa (006308)
451 Fullerton Avenue
Cambridge Springs, PA
16403-1238 USA

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