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Introduction to Issue 3

February 11, 2005

Welcome to 4strugglemag III. This issue focuses on four topic areas. First we discuss the recent U.S. elections, some of its meaning and tasks ahead. Included is an article on the Puerto Rican election for Governor mess, by former POW Luis Rosa. Second we have a section on Black History Month, which includes a major report on the issue of “Reparations” by Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Third there is a section on the Jericho Freedom Movement, which includes a report on Jericho’s Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) events in New York City. Fourth, we continue to analyze the growing police and war state America is turning into.

We welcome further discussion and analysis of these issues, especially online. Understanding is important, but taking action in support of your beliefs is key. 4strugglemag supports and encourages participation in anti-war and anti-repression resistance. We urge people to show the government, the country and the world that millions of American’s oppose Bush’s war and police state. We especially urge everyone to support and participate in the March 19-20, worldwide anti-war actions. We are posting a page of contacts and information on these upcoming events.

The next issue will be out in late Spring. One major topic will be the Palestinian people’s struggle. In the meantime we’ll keep struggling—hope you do too.

Dynamic Peace and Justice

Jaan Karl Laaman, editor (W41514)
P.O. Box 100
South Walpole MA
02071 USA

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