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The Iraq War, Occupation Governments and U.S. Imperialism

August 11, 2004


Oil Emperor Bubba Bush and his fascist ruling class clique have, again, imposed their “Texas-style” colonial war of plunder and occupation against the Iraqi people. The Iraq war has nothing to do with getting rid of a tyrant, nor in bringing “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. It has everything to do with the blood-thirsty military adventurism of U.S. imperialism and its hegemonic rule around the world, in order to privatize Iraq’s oil industry and to fatten the bank accounts of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and Halliburton and its corporate lackeys.

It is disgusting to see how U.S. imperialism and its ruling class have used the September 11th tragedy to whip-up its coniving “patriotic frenzy” amongst the American people, by playing out the devastation caused by it. The gross human rights violations that occcurred at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and the occupation government’s war crimes against those Iraqi people that resist the occupation, are criminal acts that must not go unpunished. Those who resist the occupation are now characterized as “terrorists” by the colonizers, to justify war crimes and to relieve them of any obligations they have to the colonized under international laws and the Geneva Convention on the treatment of political prisoners and prisoners of war. How many years did it take the world community to break away from the tutelage of racist regimes that recognized Nelson Mandela as a “terrorist” and recognized him as the political prisoner, prisoner of war, that he really was? Such is the modis operandi of the colonizer – to “criminalize” legitimate actions of a resistance movement and its fighters, whose armed actions against the occupying force is justified under international law in that colonialism is a “crime against humanity.” Hundreds of us are now imprisoned in U.S. prisons and jails as “Criminals” simply because of our ardent opposition to the policies of U.S. colonialism and imperialism and the fascist-like police state in the United States. Bubba Bush and his fascist clique want to make us think that the “incidents” at Abu Ghraib were isolated and coming from a few “bad apples” and does not represent the core values of what America is all about. What utter hypocrisy and lies! The truth of the matter is that such practices are reflective of the true heart and soul of the criminal nature and history of a dying colonialism and imperialism that must search for its helpless victims in order to cripple them, to suck their blood and to steal their country’s natural resources. Imperialism is a vampire-like system. When Bush was the Governor of Texas prison conditions were then, and continue to be to this very day, brutal torture chambers and warehouses of pain and murder, particularly in “administrative segregation” – a prison within a prison – where this writer has been confined for the last 2 years, for resisting the injustices and racism of the prison.

Under Bush’s Texas prison watch, these brutal and murderous prison conditions were declared illegal and the pattern of prison-guard brutality against prisoners was described as a “culture of violence” (Ruiz v. Johnson, 37 F.Supp. 2d 855). Almost all prison employees are military retirees, not only in Texas but in the United States as a whole. Charles Graner, Jr. who orchestrated the Abu Ghraib prison crimes in Iraq one half of the CIA, DIA and the military police worked as a state prison guard in Greene, Pennsylvania. Graners are the “war hero” scumbag darlings of these imperialist war gangsters who personally profit from these wars.

In the 19th century, U.S. colonialism annexed over 50% of the Mexican national territory in its colonial war of plunder and land grabs against the Chicano Mexicano people.

Monstrous war crimes were committed by the “military police,” the infamous terrorist police organized in the “Texas Rangers,” similar to what is now happening in Iraq, but under the fascist colonial cover of bringing “freedom and democracy” to the uncivilized savages, as they called indigenous people and natives of the original homeland. U.S. imperialism knows no “value system,” but the criminal subjugation of its victims into submission through brutal, murderous tortures and death. Such is what happened at Abu Ghraib prison. We refuse to be blinded by the “flowery” sugar-coated words of the colonizer.

The world community must demand that Bubba Bush and his gang of war criminals in the State Department and the Pentagon be put to trial under Nuremberg principles of international law before a world tribunal and be made to pay for their history of war crimes against the Iraqi people, and other historical war crimes against the Chicano Mexicano peoples, their massacre of indigenous tribes and nations, their plantation-slavery system imposed on African Americans and their history of enslavement of internal colonies they keep imprisoned through these same imperialist “values” and cultures of oppression and genocide within the domestic confines of the United States.

We must resist U.S. colonialism and imperialism and demand that the U.S. pull out of Iraq and that the troops be brought home immediately!

May 25, 2004

Alvaro Luna Hernandez #255735
Hughes Unit Route 2, Box 4400
Gatesville, Texas
76507 USA

* for more info on the case of the political
imprisonment of the writer, please visit

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