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August 10, 2004


Echoes of wisdom, I often hear
A mother’s strength softly in my ear
Echoes of womanhood, shining so bright
Echoes of mother’s wit in darkest night
Echoes of wisdom, on my mother’s lips
Too young to understand what was in a gentle kiss

Echoes of love, echoes of fear
Arrogance of manhood wouldn’t let me hear
Echoes of heartache I still hold close
As I mourn the loss of my one true hero
Echoes from a mother’s womb; heartbeats held so dear
Life begins with my first tears
Echoes of footsteps taken in the past
Echoes of manhood standing in a looking glass
Echoes of motherhood gentle and near
Echoes of a lost mother I will always hear.

For more information about Albert Woodfox’s case, see

Albert Woodfox #72148
CCR Upper B Cell 13
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA
70712 USA

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