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It Ain’t Over Wit’

August 8, 2004


It wasn’t over when you first
invaded, raped and plundered
the Mother Land,

Committed your vicious sadistic acts
and made a vow to annihilate
the Afrikan man…
sexually abuse the Afrikan woman.

It wasn’t over when you nefariously
conspired and murdered brothas
Prophet Nat, Malcolm, George and Fred.

Our anger must never subside
and should be appropriately
stored within our heads.

And to this day, we REFUSE
to allow it to be over
even with your attempts to murder
brothas Khalfani and Mumia.

You foolishly thought we
forgot when you brutally murdered
brothas Ajamu and Oscar Rowls, Ziyon
and countless others?

You think it’s over wit’
when you have our PP/POWs
locked down in your prisons?
When you have Assata Shakur living in exile
with a bounty on her head?

NO—It ain’t over wit’
until justice prevails!
In the trenches,

Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130
16770 Water Tower Drive
Kincheloe MI
49788 USA

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