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U.S. War and Occupation of Iraq

February 11, 2004


My comrade has asked me to write something about “U.S. War and Occupation of IRAQ.” The war has already begun. We could not prevent its occurring. So now we must endeavor to stop its continuing. It has evolved, as wars do, from Attack to Occupation. It has not reached the stage of conquest.

Looking to Roget’s International Thesaurus, Occupation comes under the heading: TAKING!

There, I find a landslide of words that describe what is happening in IRAQ (and Palestine) today. Look it up. You will find words like: appropriation, taking over, takeover,… conquest, occupation, subjugation, enslavement, colonization.

Between Conquest and Occupation, we must insert the word RESISTANCE. Because that is also what is happening in IRAQ (and Palestine) today. Look it up.

Start with RESIST: counteract, hinder, oppose, withstand…. Continue through RESISTANCE and RESISTER: opposition, reaction, ungovernable…. Yes, another landslide of words.

If plodding through all these words seems daunting, imagine, IMAGINE living under the realization of all these words. Day after day.

Stack these words in columns. Side by side. Now compare them. Where do you find yourself among them? Occupier? Resister? I find myself on the side of Resistance. Where do you want history to find you?

I was sent to Vietnam as a teenager. I have been both. Occupier, and Resister. The former troubles me, to this day. The latter enlivens me. Day to day.

Here, with these last words, two things come to mind. “History will absolve me.” Fidel’s statement after an attack on Moncada barracks, 1953. And, “It is Right to Resist.”

WORDS. Language. THAT moved me to think. To act, in my earliest days of becoming a Resister, a Dissident, an Activist, a Revolutionary. The Struggle Continues.

Do the Right Thing!

Tom Manning
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth KS
66048 USA


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