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Truth and Resistance: U.S. out of Iraq

February 11, 2004


The plans of bush the lesser and his crypto-fascist clique for annexing Iraq went on smoothly as long as they successfully fabricated, disseminated, and sold their lies. The overwhelming majority of US society, overcome with the fear and hysteria of post 9/11, chose to believe the lies, and gave its support to the war against Iraq. Armed with this support, the lesser and his clique refused to listen to the forces opposing the war (which comprised the majority of humanity), to its allies in the European Community, to the UN Security Council, or even to the most experienced military men in the Pentagon. As the imperium incarnate, they felt ready and poised to annex Iraq or any other part of the world. For them the lies had worked – or so they thought.

Believing the lies had worked, the lesser, dressed in full military regalia, conveniently declared victory over Iraq within a few weeks after the u.s. invasion and occupation. Along with the defeat of the Iraqi military forces came the massive destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, and havoc and chaos prevailed. Besides the dead and the maimed for life, the war victimized the whole Iraqi nation and its people. We were told that they were defeated and humiliated into submission.

The lesser and his clique had all but accomplished their goals. The Iraqi petroleum was in the hands of the u.s. oil industry, and u.s. enterprises were ready to start the rebuilding of the infrastructure. The u.s. occupying military forces were in their fortresses. And all of the military expenses and reconstruction costs were to be funded by Iraqi oil.

But one reality confronted them for which they couldn’t fabricate lies – the BODY BAGS with dead u.s. soldiers and the CASUALTIES inflicted by Iraqi Resistance. “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was succeeded by “Operation Desert Scorpion,” but the casualties continued to mount. There was nowhere in Iraq — not even in their fortresses – that the u.s. occupying military forces could feel safe.

Only two months after the lesser’s celebratory declaration, he and his clique found themselves stuck in the quagmire of their own lies. The lies about “weapons of mass destruction,” about “Iraq being a haven for Al Qaeda,” and about the Iraqi people welcoming the u.s. military invasion and occupation were catching up with them. The Iraqi Resistance brought home the war reality. The fabricated lies lost their power.

The reality struck the lesser and his clique like a bolt of lightning. They had put u.s. soldiers in harm’s way without a strategy for this situation. The Iraqi Resistance put in check the super mighty u.s. armed forces and stopped Iraq’s petroleum from being used by the u.s. government to finance the war. Since Iraqi petroleum wasn’t producing the money the u.s. government needed to fund the war, and the casualties kept on mounting, the lesser and his clique were forced to come up with a new plan.

The lesser had to tell the u.s. congress and the public he needed $87.5 billions more. OUCH! This money will come from the pockets of the taxpayers – many of whom have sons, daughters, husbands, wives, or other family members in harm’s way in Iraq. Some are the same people who are demanding their loved ones be brought home now. These are among the people who are withdrawing their support for the lesser, and demanding not more military expenditures but a better economy. Besides money, the lesser and his clique are asking the UN Secretary General and the European Community to get behind the war effort in Iraq. France, Germany, Russia and China aren’t going to support the u.s. government’s plan as is.

Unfortunately for the Iraqi people and the u.s. troops in Iraq, the u.s. government has no intention other than to maintain its military occupation. Because it’s the only way it can secure control of Iraq’s petroleum and other resources.

For the Iraqis who want peace, freedom, justice, and democracy, the Resistance must go on. Their struggle is going to be prolonged and protracted. It’s the only way they are going to force the u.s. out of Iraq.

Those of us who oppose the war must support the Iraqi people and demand that the u.s. government leave Iraq immediately. We don’t want any more u.s. soldiers or Iraqi citizens dead or maimed. Let’s expand the circle of compassion and stop the lesser and his crypto-fascist clique from their lies and destruction.


Oscar López Rivera
87651-024/P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute IN
47808 USA


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